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Yoga Within the Confluence

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis

It's always an honor to be asked by distinguished institutions in our city to produce content. A couple years ago we produced a video series that was featured in the Adelante Awards ceremony for the St. Louis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The videos featured promenent members of the St. Louis business community, such as Michael Niedorff of Centene Corporation, and Castor Armesto from Laclede Group.

Drone Footage

Not only do Drones provide amazing opportunities to capture images from places you never would have had access to previously. But they are also really fun to play around with. Yes, we've crashed a couple times, but when it comes to getting exterior angles for Real Estate, drones have become an integral tool.

I remember about 15 years ago, trying to get a quote from a helicoptor pilot to fly around an apartment community in a North Dallas suburb to capture a few random stills. It almost seems silly now that with a drone you can get amazing video and stills in a few minutes without paying someone to fly an aircraft in the sky.


Photography and Video go hand-and-hand nowadays. With a fantastic eye and full arsenal of creative photographers, we can capture incredible stills while shooting your next promotional video, either for web content, print or to mix into the video footage.

Click on some of the thumbs below to see some of our recent photography work.

Fashion Photography
Real Estate Photography

Some things about our photography

High End DSLRs

We generally shoot with Canon gear, since they've got us hooked on their lenses.

We Shoot Nationwide

Although we are based in the mid-west, we get around. In fact, a majority of our work isn't shot where we live.

Production Styles

We tend to specialize in Landscape and Fashion photography. Unless we know you pretty well, we won't shoot your wedding.

Let's set it up

Already have a video shoot scheduled? It never hurts to grab stills while the lights are already setup and cameras are rolling.

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